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New NextionDriver functionality (dec 2018)

  • refreshfield command : refresh all fields when switching to a page
    • when you manually switch to a page, set the command in the initialize event, then  the most recent fields will immediately be sent to the display by NextionDriver
  • 'last head' page : last (max) 20 heard users
    • give the LH command in the initialize event, and the NextionDriver will send the requested number of last heard users
  • display sleep function: save backlight lifetime
  • 'stop processing MMDVMHost commands to display' setting
    • to switch to own screenswithout MMDVMHost switching back to another screen, i.e. :
      • go to own system settings
      • stop MMDVMHost or shutdown or reboot even when a QSO is in place
  • update display with .tft file
    • update display without stopping MMDVMHost

--> check https://github.com/on7lds/NextionDriver/blob/master/README.md


Want to install NextionDriver on your Pi-Star ?

Go to DMR Software -> Pi-Star + NextionHelper

I made an installation program to do all configuration and installation for you.


Hint: using Pi-Star but struggeling to read he status pages on your phone ?
Try Pi-Star mobile (extranal link, this is not software from me)



Working on some new projects regarding MMDVMHost and Nextion displays. New software available !

Pi-Star like dashboard with status of active modes and connections !







ATTENTION! Info about NextionDriver :

if you are using NextionDriver 1.00 with an USB/Serial convertor, you may experience some problems.
Please upgrade your NextionDriver !



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