Nextion Displays

Nextion has a range of HMI displays, these are displays where the layout is programmed in the display itself and only the data (and some minor layout data like colors) are sent to the display via a serial line.

The advantage is that the program sending the data, has no need to know the size of the display, how to control the display or does not need to draw boxes, fonts, ...

MMDVMHost can natively send data to a lot of different types of displays, amongst them are the Nextion Dsiplays.

The info that MMDVMHost will send is basic info concerning the status of the MMDVM and the QSOs

A lot of people have unleashed their creativity and made all sorts of designs for different sizes of displays.

I also played with MMDVMHost and the Nextion displays, but wanted some extra functionality. So I made NextionDriver, a helper program (Linux only) to provide extra's to your Nextion display.


Warning : there are also some other manufacturers of similar displays, often very cheap (i.e. TJC), but these displays are not Nextion displays, can not load Nextion tft files, need their own editor etc.


These pages try to help you in understand and extend your MMDVMHost/Nextion setup.

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