As a radio-amateur, I'm mainly busy experimenting with APRS (when I've some time left ...).
I'm a linux-user and a registered user of UI-View. But these two do not communicate the way I'd like to.

Off course, I can use Xastir. But my linux computer was at the time, an old PII@266 MHz, running headless in a closet. Running Xastir (remote) is not what you can use 'fast'.

The 'workstations' are windows PC's or dual boot (Linux/windows) PCs.

As mentioned, I wanted to use UI-View. You may comment on my project, off course, but do not try to convince me to use any alternative. The project is just about running UI-View.

But what started as a wish to use the TNCs on my linux box from the windows computer(s) running UI-View, became a more and more mature linux daemon acting as an agwpe replacement.
Eventually I even added functions, not present in agwpe !
At this moment, a lot of client programs (windows and linux) can work without problems with ldsped. Among them are UI-View, Xastir, Outpost, Radio Mobile, Paclink, AGW*, UISS, ...

How I came to the result can be found on this site.

Use the menu to check out my pages !