Pi-Star + NextionDriver

NextionDriver was initially created on Debian. But it should run on every linux distribution where MMDVMHost runs (it is not intended for running Windows).

Said that, a lot of people these days are using Pi-Star.

So are you using Pi-Star, a very handy SD-card image for your Raspberry Pi and you want also to make use of the extra's NextionDriver makes possible ?

Then you just have to install the NextionDriver on your Pi-Star :-) .

OK. Just kidding.

The Pi-Star image is somewhat different from the 'normal' linux distributions for RPi. It is a very robust system, resistant to sudden powercut. It has a lot of fancy configuration helpers you can use by it's HTML interface. It has a nice dashboard. Etc...

But beacause of this, it is not that straightforward to change or add something to it without spending some time looking into the way all glues together.
To help you installing NextionDriver, I made an installation program (see below).

When NextionDriver is installed correctly, you can review the settings in expert mode (http://pi-star.local/admin/expert/edit_mmdvmhost.php), you'll se there is an extra section 'NextionDriver'


UPDATE 3/10/2018 :

I made an installation program to (hopefully) take all concern out of your hands.
This is the first version, so I hope it will help you as expected. If you have any problem, please contact me.

There is also a program to check your installation. It tries to find out what could be wrong (if your installation failed).
The output of this program also might help others to give you advice about what could be wrong.


(Read the readme !!!)


IMPORTANT 24/9/2018

In some cases the NextionDriver crashes. It can be after some minutes, some hours or even days.
Version 1.06 (available when you use the below) hopefully got rid of it :-)

UPDATE 16/9/2018 :

The code for handling the communication comming from the Nextion buttons for displays which are connected to the serial port of the modem (Port=modem) is merged into MMDVMHost (Use MMDVMHost version 20180916 or later).
The NextionDriver version which wil process these commands is V1.05 (available 16 sep 2018)
Note that de code of the modem also has to provide the path for the serial data from the display to MMDVMHost !