Actual Version

Type Version
current stable version 1.165
current working version 1.20


working version new features :

  • connection with MySQL to log :
    • all traffic (or traffic selected with a filter)
    • all messages (or only those you selected with a filter)
          (database and tables are automatically created when they do not yet exist)


Stable version : Check the changelog.

To get your copy, go to the download page

Suggestions ? Check the todo page.



Basically, ldsped is a linux replacement for agwpe, with some extras :

  • You can define different ports where ldsped will listen. You can select all or specific interfaces where ldsped has to listen (i.e. for a multi interface server).
  • there are two types of ports : a 'normal' port and a read-only port. The latter has full functionality, but ldsped will not send out any data on the air.

check for define packet engine ports in the config file

  • Multiple passwords can be used (actually up to 20)

check define passwords in the config file

  • some ?APRSx queries (APRSS, APRST, APRSP, PING?) will be answered

(check APRS protocol reference V1.0.1 p 77)

Extra functionality is provided by

  • The traffic network port, where you can read the numer of aprs packets seen by your system

check the trafficport directive in the config file

  • The traffic object , similar to UI-view traffic

check the trafficport directive in the config file

  • The PHG probe object

check the probestring, probepath, probecall, probesendport directives in the config file. Also check the faq.

  • The QUERY response unit

ldsped expands the queries : it will respond to APRSQ queries.
The user can define scripts to be executed when ldsped receives an APRSQ query.
Maximum one line of response will be sent back to the querying station.



More can be found on the faq page, where some configuration directives are explained more in detail.